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ArcSight enterprise security platform

A tool for stability, stability and security in the process of digital transformation

The trust of customers and partners is very important for any organization, which can disappear very quickly if important and sensitive data entrusted to it or created internally become the object of hacking and compromising. An increasingly significant part of enterprise processes, for example, as a result of robotization of production and distribution, relies on digital processes. Protection against cybercrime, digital intrusion, fraud from the outside or inside, is the most important factor in the stability and survival of business in the age of digital transformation. The key to enterprise security is to build a comprehensive cyber resilience program that provides protection, detection and development.

Micro Focus offers the Security Center (SOC) tool , the ArcSight platform, which accelerates the detection and response to known and unknown threats.

Please watch the video about the platform below.

The ArcSight platform includes the following components that integrate with each other.

ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) is a platform for managing comprehensive real-time threat detection, analysis, workflows, and compliance with enhanced data enrichment capabilities. ESM can enrich, analyze and normalize data from more than 500 different types of devices, having the best intelligent and powerful correlation machine on the market.

Security Open Data Platform (SODP) - provides an open-to-future solution that enriches real-time data and supports open standards for better threat detection. SODP is able to absorb and provide data from any source and to any consumer.

ArcSight Recon is a solution for centralized log management and security analytics that reduces compliance and speeds up investigations by security professionals. Recon allows you to collect log data from more than 480 source types and store it in a clear, normalized format for years, using an impressive compression ratio. It is able not only to absorb and store billions of events a day, but also allows professionals to effectively detect anomalies and conduct judicial investigations, as well as to conduct continuous monitoring of compliance. Recon makes it easier to hunt for threats in massive datasets, increasing the efficiency of analysts.

ArcSight Intelligence - provides the security team with a tool to prevent elusive attacks. With contextual findings, analysts can quickly focus on dealing with complex threats, such as insider threats and long-term attacks of increased complexity. The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques in developing a model of behavior of each element of the system allows you to identify potential threats before the data is stolen.

Security Orchestration Automation and Response - enhances and accelerates security operations through automation and orchestration. Connects all key stakeholders, parties, teams, processes and technologies in one access window. Improves analysts' performance by responding to cyber threats through pre-prepared, ready-to-use scenarios, leverages more than 110 partner integrations, and seamless automation and orchestration capabilities.

Please see the detailed presentation of the ArcSight platform below.

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