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Improving the user experience and efficiency of employees

The smooth and seamless functioning of a modern enterprise depends to a large extent on the efficient and timely delivery of IT and other corporate services to its employees. At the same time, the dominance of manual work, relying on the use of shared e-mail boxes and forwarded or shared spreadsheets, can still be observed in different parts of many organizations.

We perform a collaborative analysis of the most repetitive and costly processes in which your back office, including but not limited to the IT services team, provides service and support to your people. As a result, options are offered for the use of technology tools that enable digital transformation, reducing the cost of providing such services and increasing employee satisfaction with the workflow.

Implementing consistent use cases results in an improved employee experience in using IT and enterprise services, and a deployed environment for continuous improvement.

The foundations of this continuous work are:

  • Codeless configuration – Creation of user-defined process based applications with SMAX Studio, including tables and workflows without writing any code, and benefits from painless upgrades with instant access to new features.

  •  Marketplace - Community for leveraging and sharing applications created with Studio.

  • ChatOps - Conversation-driven collaboration across organizational boundaries to quickly respond to and solve incidents by involving people, processes and tools needed.

  • Task automation – Increase of speed, errors prevention, reduction of  risk related to manual and repetitive work by automating common or standard tasks. It remediates incidents, executes and verifies changes, provides IT services, ranging from simple access requests to comprehensive workflows such as detect-to-correct.


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