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Hybrid IT Operations Bridge monitoring solution

Operations Bridge monitors your IT environment and consolidates data from existing tools. It uses automatic detection, monitoring, analytics and data correction across infrastructure - traditional, private and public clouds, multi-cloud and containerized environments. The solution supports correlation based on flows and topologies of infrastructure elements, applications and services. OpsBridge automates artificial intelligence operations with machine learning and analytics that reduce the number of events, speed up root cause identification and correction. Stakeholders from the company's management receive views on their mobile devices that allow them to act and contain personalized dashboards that show the most important indicators, key business indicators and IT.

The Operations Bridge platform includes the following components.

Operations Bridge Manager - collects, processes and shows problems, metrics from various sources. Contains pre-configured tools for monitoring certain programs and technologies. Performs correlation of events, noise reduction, determination of the root cause.

Operations Bridge Analytics is a solution for proactively managing operational performance and reducing the average recovery time. Imports various metrics, events, topologies, logs, etc. and stores them in the Big Data repository. The solution identifies and investigates anomalies, provides an intuitive and unified search.

Operations Bridge Reporter is a solution for reporting based on Big Data technology and Verica analytics. Provides an environment for developing reports of new content, expanding data sources.

Business Value Dashboard - a tool for developing your own dashboards for business and IT.

Cloud Optimizer - a tool for displaying and optimizing data about processors, disks, memory from the hypervisor and cloud providers. Shows the tree-like structure of virtual machines, their clusters and statuses, performs resource usage forecasts, makes recommendations on virtual machine sizing.

Universal Discovery and Configuration Management Database - a tool for detecting and identifying configuration elements - blocks that make up physical, virtual, logical assets - and their storage in the configuration database. Allows you to compile and update the service model, find configuration elements and their interdependencies using agent and agentless technologies.

Operations Orchestration is a tool for defining and executing multistage IT tasks and workflows. Includes a multi-level script editor that supports branching operations to automate administrator actions, import tasks and processes from the marketplace.

SiteScope - a solution for monitoring without the use of agents with more than 100 types of monitoring "out of the box" for applications, physical and virtual hosts, network devices, firewalls, etc.

Please see a detailed presentation of the Operations Bridge platform below.

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