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Cybersecurity and Cyber Resilience

For every organization the trust of customers and partners is very important, which can very quickly evaporate if important and sensitive data, entrusted to it or created internally, becomes the object of hacking and compromise. An increasingly significant part of enterprise processes, for example, as a result of the robotization of production and distribution, relies on digital processes. Protection from cyber crime, digital invasion, fraud from the outside or from within, is the most important factor for the stability and survival of a business in the era of digital transformation. Building a comprehensive cyber resilience program is the key to enterprise security.

Cyber ​​resilience is the ability of an organization to ensure the development of its activities (enterprise resilience) through its readiness for cyber threats, the ability to respond to them, and recovery tools after cyber attacks. A cyber-resilient organization is able to adapt to known and unknown crises, threats, adverse factors and challenges. Ultimately, cyber resilience allows an enterprise to thrive in the face of negative factors (crisis, pandemic, financial volatility, etc.)

We develop measures, offer tools, deploy them and provide technical support to ensure cybersecurity and cyber resilience of the enterprise, including in the conditions of the “new normal” - remote work of employees.

This helps to counter the ever-increasing cyberattack, effectively manage identities, keep applications secure, and protect data. For this, an integrated, analytically driven approach is used, which is based on the triad of Safety, Risk and Governance


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