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Networks Operations Management network management solutions

A scalable solution for managing, automating, and complying with Networks Operations Management (NOM) physical, virtual, and SDN networks

NOM provides visibility of the topology, health and configurations of your network, optimizes it for maximum performance, power and compliance, orchestrates the configuration through automation.

High-speed spiral detection allows you to maintain the relevance of the list of equipment on the network, making it easier to find and troubleshoot. Preset workflows allow operators to easily move from troubleshooting to troubleshooting and quickly troubleshoot a class of issues that cause more than half of all data center failures. Analysis of causation allows you to quickly find the root causes of network failures, reducing their number to 50%.

Bandwidth control, use of CPU and RAM resources, early warning of operators about the possibility of reducing network performance through the resources of interfaces and devices. The service quality control system alerts operators to network quality settings that may affect compliance with service level agreements for some services, such as excessive latency, packet loss, and jitter. Traffic control allows you to study its structure and distribution of applications on the network. In addition, the analysis of traffic gives an idea of the main applications that affect bandwidth.

The Network Engineering Toolset software provides predefined OO streams for network diagnostics, allows you to export the topology to Visio, and analyze interrupts to locate network-related problems reported by the device. NOM - the only network management tool with built-in security features and compliance with standards that allow you to automatically restore performance. The solution allows automatic group upgrades of the network infrastructure to reduce risk in accordance with modern standards or when security issues are detected.

NOM manages a heterogeneous network from a single panel, monitors failure, performance, and configuration compliance with SDN and traditional networks. The Cisco ACI Management tool provides ongoing updates to the visual schema of the Cisco ACI infrastructure SDN to troubleshoot and impact analysis, as well as Cisco SDN solution configuration and compliance management.

Network risk management systems allow real-time visualization of failures, security vulnerabilities and compliance indicators. Network operation systems allow real-time visualization of network bandwidth and performance, as well as the frequency of changes, which makes it possible to determine the degree of network efficiency and its impact on the company's activities.

The industry's best scalability of all network monitoring and troubleshooting tools with support for up to 80,000 devices in the global domain for management and up to 120,000 devices for configuration. The largest number of integrated devices in the industry: more than 3,400 models from 180 manufacturers are supported, the list of supported devices is updated every two months. The first and only container architecture based on CDF technology provides ease of installation, maintenance and movement (from local storage to the cloud).

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