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NetBackup backup and recovery platform

Enterprise level data protection

Recognized as the market leader in backup and recovery software for a long time, Veritas' NetBackup system eliminates the cost and complexity of point-based products while ensuring the security, compliance, and availability of your data, regardless of location. By providing fast recovery of business-critical data in a hybrid, local, virtual, multi-cloud environment, NetBackup scales to any size workload and provides breakthrough capabilities for virtual or cloud installations that go far beyond traditional backup practices. For threats such as ransomware attacks to unscheduled downtime, NetBackup protects your business from unforeseen situations and offers the following key benefits:

Confidence that it "just works" - For decades, NetBackup has been a leader in the industry as the most popular market share software for enterprise data protection, used by the largest organizations on the planet and positioned as the "Leader" in the Magic Quadrant (MQ) Gartner 15 years in a row. Veritas has a global team and community around the world that can help customers and partners keep data safe, accessible, and compliant. Veritas gives you the ability to use the technologies your business needs and maintain data stability, while giving you the freedom to choose any NetBackup installation method - NetBackup Flex, NetBackup Flex Scale, NetBackup Appliance, cloud installation or self-build (Build Your Own - BYO). With more than 2,000 developers, more than 2,140 worldwide patents, more than 800 supported workload types, more than 1,400 target repositories and more than 60 cloud providers, Veritas is the epitome of innovation.

Future Preparedness - With hundreds of patents issued by Veritas in the fields of clouds, containers, backup, recovery, virtualization, I / O optimization, duplication, snapshot management, NetBackup continues the company's long tradition of being the first to bring advanced technology market. The Veritas solution provides the infrastructure to integrate future technologies, enabling you to adapt to a changing environment. With automation and orchestration, NetBackup allows you to effectively manage your current workloads and confidently migrate to future workloads.

Reduce cost and complexity - As a single and unified solution to protect all your data assets, NetBackup provides support for virtually every server, storage, hypervisor, database, application and cloud platform used by businesses today. With high performance, intelligent automation and centralized management, this single data protection platform can protect any workload of any scale, eliminating the need to use point products (see Figure 1).

рис.1 Дашборд.png

NetBackup provides an integrated approach to disaster recovery and workload migration, as well as snapshots of cloud workloads with the integration of NetBackup CloudPoint and Veritas Resiliency Platform (VRP), providing a complete data protection platform in a simplified framework. Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) and counter.

Business Risk Management - As the foundation of the Enterprise Data Services Platform (ESDP), NetBackup is designed to increase the resilience of an organization in the face of the unknown and unexpected, providing rapid recovery in the event of a catastrophic  business events - from file loss through ransomware attacks to data center shutdowns. Gain confidence in data integrity through the use of identity and access control, data encryption and security management for unchangeable / indelible storage, which helps backup files remain secure and inaccessible to malicious intrusions. NetBackup supports Disaster Recovery (DR) of appropriate scale in local, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments to meet Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs). And because NetBackup supports a wide range of recovery options, you can choose the methods that best suit your recovery needs, such as scaling with NetBackup Resiliency. You can prevent gaps or gaps in visibility and reporting across the data infrastructure with APTAREtm Analytics. From device backup to cloud storage, NetBackup integrates at every point in the technology stack for maximum reliability and performance.

Protection of any workload

One of the features of information technology of the enterprise is heterogeneity. The wide variety of platforms, applications and infrastructure often grows with the size of the enterprise. NetBackup supports a huge number of environments and integrates with each level of the technology stack to unify the data protection strategy, providing management of your workloads from an intuitive web interface (User Interface - UI).

Operating Systems - NetBackup integrates with dozens of versions of server operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Linux and Unix files.

Virtual Systems - NetBackup integrates with leading hypervisors, including VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Nutanix AHV, Red Hat Virtualization, Docker, Azure Stack and OpenStack.

Databases and Applications - NetBackup integrates with leading relational databases and application platforms, including IBM DB2, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Oracle RAC, and SAP.

SQL self-service - NetBackup provides a division of responsibilities between the backup administrator and the database administrator. The database administrator can independently detect, manage access rights, schedule backups, and perform Microsoft SQL restores, and can use Instant Access to quickly view or mount a database.

Universal Sharing - Support for a new form factor for CIFS / NFS sharing based on Media Server Deduplication Pool (MSDP) repositories is now available for both specialized and self-built devices (BYO) ) media servers. Advanced management includes support for user quotas, integration with AD, support for NetBackup HA Appliances and a web UI section for centralized management, as well as full API support.

Storage Systems - NetBackup protects data at the storage system level by integrating with various snapshots and the Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP) supported on Pure Storage, Dell EMC, HPE, Hitachi, IBM, NetApp and others. Using snapshots allows you to quickly recover at a specific point in time and helps you perform effective backups. NetBackup Snapshot Manager includes support for PowerScale Dell EMC and Qumulo, providing a compatible tool for managing snapshots on multi-vendor storage platforms. NetBackup uses Dynamic NAS (DNAS) data protection to provide automated protection of business-critical data to a NAS repository that can restore data to any location (cloud, virtual, or physical), as well as restart a backup or restore task. at a specific point in time without restarting with Checkpoint Restart.

Cloud platforms - NetBackup supports backup and recovery of workloads in cloud environments through the use of native cloud snapshot technology on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). You can use the web UI to configure the MSDP cloud recovery server to share the image for instant recovery (see Figure 2).

Сервер облачного восстановления

You can save and optimize cloud storage if you only back up snapshot data with Azure incremental snapshots. NetBackup for OpenStack is a cloud-based, API-driven solution that provides policy-based, comprehensive backup and recovery that integrates the web UI and Horizon interface. NetBackup 9 supports significantly more functionality, which includes incremental backup with backup in NFS and S3. You can easily test these backups before running recovery by optimizing your RTOs and RPOs. With NetBackup for OpenStack, you can effectively restore the entire environment, a single virtual machine (VM), a file or instant mount, or migrate to a new cloud.

Big Data Systems - Using Parallel Streaming, part of NetBackup, you can protect large-scale and multi-node systems such as Hadoop and HBase much faster by streaming data to nodes simultaneously.

Freedom to choose NetBackup installation mode and quick deployment

The modern enterprise should support a wide range of workloads and owners of applications which differ in requirements and tasks. In addition, workloads and users can be not only in the main data center, but also in remote offices on the perimeter of the enterprise, or work in hybrid cloud environments. NetBackup deployment modes allow an enterprise to optimize its data protection infrastructure by properly blending installation modes to provide workload, user, and environment environments to reduce data center capacity and minimize Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

NetBackup Flex Scale and NetBackup Flex are offered as devices; NetBackup can be used independently or as an integrated device.

NetBackup Flex Scale - allows you to expand NetBackup with ease and automation, scaling as the business grows, which is in demand by many organizations during the transformation of their data protection infrastructure. The scalable NetBackup Flex Scale architecture  provides cloud savings and flexibility to easily increase capacity as the organization grows.

NetBackup Flex - allows you to consolidate NetBackup domains, streamline the upgrade process and keep different versions of NetBackup running, while reducing the power requirements of your data center and minimizing TCO. NetBackup Flex supports immutable and indelible repositories, which reduces the risk of malicious or extortionate programs encrypting or destroying backup data, making it inaccessible.

NetBackup 5250

NetBackup device or BYO software - You can also consider an integrated NetBackup device (see Figure 3). Deploy a virtual or physical NetBackup device, or download NetBackup software for BYO or cloud installations. You can use third-party configuration management tools, such as Chef or Microsoft SCCM, to orchestrate a custom deployment. For organizations expanding their NetBackup installations, the integrated NetBackup Appliance is the ideal solution that comes with NetBackup software installed, a secure operating system, security software, and all the necessary computing hardware that allows you to run it in minutes. NetBackup Virtual Appliance provides an inexpensive alternative to lightweight data protection requirements and requires minimal on-site infrastructure management experience. Veritas has also developed deployment templates for Chef and SCCM so that customers can deploy NetBackup customers to the appropriate scale.

Storage selection

Much has changed since the traditional tape backup. Now companies are provided with all the wealth of choice of storage backups. NetBackup integrates this diverse set of target repositories without compromising manageability.

The permanent program extortionists target storage - You zahystytesya of backup data encryption programs extortionists using constant nevytyraemyh and warehousing NetBackup and NetBackup Flex. The OpenStorage Technology (OST) NetBackup API supports fixed image management regardless of hardware manufacturer names. Veritas is working with immutable storage vendors to improve their NetBackup plug-ins so that organizations can manage immutable image policies from NetBackup and use third-party immutable devices.

OpenStorage Technology (OST) - OST is used to integrate NetBackup with a wide range of backup and storage devices from Veritas and third-party vendors.

Cloud Storage - NetBackup supports a growing list of external cloud storage providers, such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), that can be easily integrated into NetBackup policies. NetBackup de-duplicates the data before it is transmitted and placed in the cloud, which reduces backup time and reduces the cost of the cloud infrastructure. Optimized de-duplicate data is sent directly to the appropriate cloud storage level for long-term deployment using AWS Glacier support and additional Azure Archive support.

Disk - You can organize regular disk arrays into disk pools running NetBackup.

Storage Snapshots - NetBackup can orchestrate physical snapshots using proprietary capabilities from vendors such as NetApp, Dell EMC, HDS, HPE, and Pure Storage. You can restore NAS backups (NetApp and Nutanix files) anywhere using a backup, or use a quick snapshot recovery, avoiding binding to any manufacturer.

Tapes - NetBackup provides enterprise-class media management through a huge selection of supported tape drive and robotic device configurations.

Correspondence of the backup window, which is narrowing

There is nothing unusual in the reports of IT organizations about the growth of data by 40-60 percent per year. To meet this growth, you need to back up as fast as possible without interrupting production. NetBackup combines innovative design with the latest technology to deliver impressive performance with minimal load.

Parallel Streaming - eliminates performance bottlenecks and optimizes storage for big data environments. Parallel Streaming from NetBackup provides agent-free, API-based data backup and recovery of multi-node scalable clusters, such as Hadoop.

Accelerator - eliminates continuous backup once and for all. Using Accelerator from NetBackup, the backup is performed only for the changed blocks. These blocks are combined with previous backups to synthesize a new full backup for quick recovery.

Snapshots - Allow the storage system to back up for you. With NetBackup's Snapshot Management, snapshots are orchestrated, cataloged, and replicated using storage technologies from vendors such as NetApp and Dell EMC.

Agent-free backup - NetBackup eliminates the need to use backup and recovery agents inside virtual machines, simplifying the deployment and maintenance of backup software in a virtual environment.

Automatic client update - For systems that use client software or agents, NetBackup can automate the deployment of this software using built-in or third-party software installation tools. It is also possible to use VxUpdate for media server upgrades.

Saving your business

The unthinkable happened. Services lie, and the clock is ticking. You can't waste a minute - it's time to restore from backups. NetBackup is ready for a fast, reliable recovery to boot up and run your system as quickly as possible.

Instant Access - Mount and view VMware and Microsoft SQL images using a simple web-based user interface available to any user who has been granted permission to do so. These images are available directly from the MSDP repository without moving any data. Instant Access is available on both NetBackup Appliances and BYO media servers.

NetBackup Bare Metal Restore (TM) - You can quickly prepare your physical system for recovery without eliminating the need for manual reconfiguration.

Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) - NetBackup's GRT indexes the contents of data sources, making it easy to recover specific items without endless trial and error.

Preparedness for disaster recovery

No business will survive if it stores all its data in one place. Protect your business from natural disasters and shutdowns by storing copies outside or in the cloud. NetBackup can help you automate disaster recovery readiness no matter what storage or transport method you use.

Auto Image Replication (AIR) - When using AIR from NetBackup, images and backup directories are automatically replicated over the network to other NetBackup domains, physical or in the cloud, according to the established policy.

Snapshot Replication - Hardware snapshots can be automatically replicated to other outdoor storage systems that are managed by the Resiliency Platform.

Tape Store - The store automatically issues the desired tape from a robotic library, tracks the movement of tapes in and out of external storage devices, and prints daily reports that include daily deliveries or sends emails to its record management service provider.

NetBackup Sustainability - Compliance with Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for uptime in hybrid clouds with many point products and different data sources can be complex and expensive. The integration of NetBackup and Resiliency Platform helps you proactively provide resilience to applications in your heterogeneous environment by using both near-real-time data replication and NetBackup AIR with orchestrated recovery (see Figure 4).

Resiliency Platform

You access NetBackup Resiliency using the NetBackup web UI and see all the virtual machines associated with it.

рис.5 Интеграция Resiliency.png

Disaster recovery in the cloud - to achieve a near-zero stop and minimize the threats of extortionist programs.

Seamless portability of workloads and data in the hybrid cloud - Ensure the mobility of workloads between physical or virtual systems in your location and public cloud environments for maximum flexibility and optimal use of resources. You can ensure resilience and mobility between Azure Stack environments or between Azure regions.

Rationalization of operations

In the face of constant pressure from relentless data growth and growing demands for IT services, there is always the challenge of doing more with less money. NetBackup helps increase staff productivity so that you can invest more in your core business.

Centralized, policy-based management - All NetBackup policies are configured from a single management console that is powered by a NetBackup master server. Smart policies for VMware, Oracle, SQL, and NAS help optimize performance through continuous load balancing.

Identity and access control - A single entry point (with Active Directory and LDAP support) with two-factor authentication is provided using the NetBackup web UI with SAML 2.0 so that organizations can use their existing authentication providers. Using Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC) within a web UI, you can configure granular access tailored to a person's needs by determining who can access the data and what actions they can perform. Role-based templates that appeared in NetBackup 9  help you simplify the process of creating and managing roles (see Figure 6). Users can only manage the workloads for which they are assigned and can perform the ranges of tasks for which they are authorized.

рис.6 .png

Console plug-ins for Hyper-V and vSphere - Plug-ins for the vSphere VMware web client and Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) provide virtual machine administrators with direct management of backup and recovery operations.

Large API Library - Use the NetBackup RESTful API to customize the user experience and integrate with third-party operating platforms, such as OPTIC / SMAX Micro Focus, for a higher level of automation.

NetBackup Self-Service - Offers business users a single "showcase" for self-backups and restores using custom interfaces. One installation can register multiple work areas to ensure secure demarcation. SLA metrics, messages, and reporting provide ease of management.

Data Encryption - Organizations can use TLS certificates from Veritas or third-party vendors to support encryption in data transit. Use Veritas key management or third-party key management with KMIP support for encryption in storage. Data is protected from compromise within the network and prevents malware or rogue software from stealing data or using it for criminal purposes. NetBackup gives you the freedom to choose the encryption solution that works best in your environment.

Plans for the future

No successful organization is frozen. There is always room for improvement, process optimization and cost reduction. NetBackup provides great reporting and analytics to help you understand historical results and trends, helping to paint a clear picture of the way forward.

On-Click Reporting - APTARE IT Analytics quickly identifies the use of tape drives, success ratings, and vulnerable areas in NetBackup usage, and provides contextual reporting on business, geography, or applications in a heterogeneous environment.

Long-term trends and analysis - improves predictions about the use of backup repositories due to growth rates over time, including pre- and final de-duplication, to facilitate tracking of return on investment and levels of de-duplication.

The only data protection for cloud-ready businesses

NetBackup 9 reduces the enormous complexity of enterprise data protection with a single, scalable, scalable infrastructure solution that delivers industry-leading performance for petabytes and paves the way for IT as a service with convenient self-service operations. The system lays the foundation for universal data management, allowing their rapid visualization and accelerated adaptation to clouds with minimal risk. NetBackup strengthens the organization by increasing the resilience of its applications and infrastructure from its borders to the core and cloud. The only solution protects the data and allows you to restore the appropriate scale at any point. In addition, it provides the freedom to choose any NetBackup installation mode that best suits your business needs and requirements. As IT transforms from a cost center to a business tool, NetBackup is designed to meet the various challenges of today and tomorrow and ultimately gives an organization the confidence to move faster and take on additional risks, knowing that its information will be protected.


About Veritas

Veritas Technologies is a global leader in data protection and availability. More than 50,000 businesses - including 87 percent of the Fortune Global 500 - rely on Veritas to avoid IT complexity and simplify data management. Veritas' Enterprise Enterprise Services Platform automates the protection and orchestrated recovery of data anywhere, provides business-critical applications 24/7, and provides businesses with the visibility they need to comply with enhanced data regulation. With a reputation for reliability, with a deployment model that meets all needs, Veritas Enterprise Data Service Platform supports more than 800 different data sources, more than 100 different operating systems, more than 1,400 target repositories and more than 60 different cloud platforms.

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