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OPTIC Transformation Operating Platform

Customers, partners and employees of your organization are effectively involved in self-service through a variety of digital services and processes that can be performed automatically. Creating new services and processes on the OPTIC platform does not require writing, debugging, maintaining and updating software code and is performed in a graphical interface using a developed set of blocks of business logic and data "out of the box".

Using the latest SMAX service management platform from our partner - Micro Focus (LSE: MCRO, NYSE: MFGP, FTSE 250 Component), you get the benefits of meeting the key requirements of the ITSM / ITOM / ESM solution, mandatory for success in today's digital environment. society:

  • a means of creating and constantly building a simple, intuitive and inclusive user experience

  • a tool to dramatically increase the productivity of IT and other services agents through advanced analytics, artificial intelligence / machine learning and multi-channel communication with users

  • native asset management of the organization and built-in ITIL processes 4

  • flexibility and portability of platform deployment options, which will reduce the total cost of ownership, increase the speed and elasticity of development.



Digital transformation of the organization is impossible without automation of its processes. Watch the video below about SMAX platform tools for creating new applications without developing code.

The OPTIC Transformation Operating Platform also includes the following tools.

Asset Management X (AMX) - puts into operation the management of assets and configurations of IT equipment, their life cycle, stocks in warehouses, redundancy. License metrics, usage analytics, compliance reports, and installed product reports become available for the software. AMX manages technical and warranty support contracts, licensing and leasing contracts, as well as other agreements and contracts for your organization's assets. Assets are distributed by cost centers, their values are compared with the budget, the processes of orders for the purchase of assets and their receipt from suppliers are managed.

Universal Discovery and Universal CMDB - automatically collects (through detection or integration), agrees, manages and presents data on traditional hardware, software, applications, services and their interdependencies in a hybrid IT environment. The search is conducted in hybrid clouds - private or public, virtual and containerized environments, using artificial intelligence and machine learning, in real time. You can define policies and compliance for configuration items or groups, automate impact analysis during changes, incidents, monitoring, or compliance. You get the opportunity to understand the impacts, identify the sources of service interruptions, approve changes with a full understanding of the environment - from services to infrastructure elements.

Hybrid Cloud Management X (HCMX) - performs a comprehensive orchestration of the life cycle - from ordering, providing and supporting to ending consumption - of resources provided to end users. HCMX orchestrates the deployment of applications, services, and subscriptions through a unified user-centered self-service portal through which users can order local or cloud resources as needed. Automation is aided by more than 8,000 workflows and more than 300 out-of-the-box application components. The system provides broad coverage - integration with public cloud services ( AWS, Azure, GCP ), support for private clouds and the offer of virtual machines, along with traditional physical servers. Allows you to accurately manage the cost of cloud services, uses tools of artificial intelligence and machine learning at all stages of the life cycle of resource use.

You will be able to learn about all the richness of the functions of the SMAX platform and the possibility of solving your urgent tasks with the help of a pilot installation of the platform at your facilities or in our laboratory.


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Please see also the presentation of the SMAX system from Micro Focus below

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