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Improving customer service and interaction with partners

Fulfills due to the automation of business processes that reduce the time and improve the quality of customer requests processing. This increases loyalty and ensures customer retention and reduces the cost of service operations.

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Single pane of glass for visibility and management of assets and services

Discovery and display of interdependencies of resources and services of your infrastructure. A single source of knowledge about how applications and services are delivered across the entire mix of hardware, software, and cloud services.

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Improving the user experience and efficiency of employees

Carried out through the automation of business processes, the use of tools of Knowledge Base, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, social collaboration. As a result, the user experience of employees is improved, costs are reduced, and more work is done with fewer staff.

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Cybersecurity and Cyber Resilience

Protecting what matters most - identities, applications, and data. Allows development and prosperity in the face of ever-growing threats and challenges.

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Data analytics for timely value extraction

Performed as a result of deploying a unified analytics and machine learning platform. It transforms the data your organization has accumulated into accurate, automated information for timely action and fast results.

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Migrating business applications and data to the clouds

Delivered as a result of the development of a plan for migrating your business applications and data to the cloud and our help in its practical implementation. Provides an increase in the security and resilience of the enterprise, reliably protecting the business processes and data of the organization from the adverse, hostile and resource-intensive factors of the physical world.

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