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Product group Safety, risks and management


Identity and access management - a guide for those who have access to what and how they can use it

NetIQ solution

  • Adaptive regulation of identification

  • Identity lifecycle management

  • Synchronization and coordination of identities

  • Centralized role management

  • End-to-end authentication

  • Flexible multifactor authentication methods

  • User self-service portal

  • Management of privileged identities

  • Monitoring file integrity, configuration and changes



Endpoint Security - Management and security of all endpoints and IT assets

ZENworks solution

  • Life cycle management

  • Patches and containerization

  • Application virtualization

  • Management of mobile devices and servers

  • Secure USB devices and disconnect devices

  • Firewall security

  • Advanced port security

  • Wireless security


Application security - application security through seamless integration at all stages of the software life cycle

Fortify solution

  • Application Security as a Service

  • Static application security testing

  • Dynamic application security testing

  • Continuous monitoring of applications

  • Self-protection of applications at execution


Security operations - detection of known and unknown threats through correlation and real-time analytics, integration of existing customer cybersecurity tools to create a single window of visibility and response

ArcSight platform

  • Real-time detection

  • Workflow automation

  • Absorption of open data

  • Hunting and investigation

  • User behavior analytics


Data regulation and protection - data security from data generation to disposal with confidentiality and regulatory compliance

Secure Content Management Solutions (ControlPoint, Structured Data Manager, and Content Manager)

  • Data detection and classification, data management

  • Disposal of applications and data

  • Policy-based regulation

  • Compliance with regulatory and legal requirements

Voltage Solutions (SecureData, SecureMail)

  • De-identification of data (encryption and tokenization)

  • Key management

  • Message security

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