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Migrating business applications and data to the clouds

Moving business operations support tools and data of the enterprise to the cloud has become a well-known and widely adopted way to secure and securely manage processes during digital transformation. We help make this seamless by offering informed architectural solutions that integrate the provider's cloud services in the best possible way at the best price.

The spectrum of products consumed in the cloud is wide and includes:

  • office productivity tools like MS Office,

  • webserver,

  • analytics and Machine Learning,

  • the computing capacity of virtual or dedicated servers,

  • data storage,

  • the infrastructure of virtual personal computers,

  • structured and unstructured databases,

  • application development infrastructure,

  • Internet of Things,

  • much more.


We undertake the development of options for the integration of cloud services, its ordering and deployment from a cloud service provider, the current administration and technical support of its operation, the proposal for development directions and adjustments depending on the business situation, and the emergence of new needs of the enterprise.


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